Free Programs

Free therapy for diabetes
If you are a type 1 or 2 diabetic, we can help you. Since we started in T&T, we have treated more than 3.000 diabetics and more than 90% of them experienced improvement in their condition.

Digital Acupuncture Therapy
Digital Acupuncture is the newest acupuncture technology from the Shanghai Medical University in China. It is an ISO 9002 certified device, without needles, very relaxing and just as effective as the traditional method.

Breast Cancer
The human breast is a gland that contains milk ducts, lobes, fatty tissue, and a network of lymphatic vessels. Cancerous tumors can arise in virtually any part of the breast and are most often detected when a woman feels a lump. In general cancerous lumps are firm, never go away, and are usually (though not always) pain free.

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