Dietary Guidance

Professional Dietary Guidance leads to complete Health improvement.
Comprehensive Packages are detailed with Bloodtype related medical scientific reports for each type and offers in detail how ones diet should be to have optimal health.
In conjunction with the Low Glycemic Index, a detailed food counter, specific combinations of fibers, proteins, fat, cholesterol, calories, sugars, carbohydrates and phytochemicals or nutraceuticals, detailed physical therapy and Life coaching we are able to change lives of most people with most pathological problems.
Having the right nutritional advice allows people to make the right food choices and obtain best health and feel relief of ailments which are treated with piles of traditional drugs.

Dietary guidance plan for weight management contains:
– 4 consecutive private consultations
– Limited Medical assessment
– Evaluation of Metabolism
– Bloodtype Profile
– Comprehensive Dietary Guidance Plan which changes every week

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